The Taxonomy of Liguus

The richness and variety of coloring of the Liguus has led to the recognition and naming of many species, subspecies, forms and varieties. The following tables are an attempt to list the known described species, subspecies, varieties and color forms. Listing of Liguus is in three parts or tables consisting of the South Florida populations, the Cuban populations and the populations of Hispaniola.

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Classification of the Liguus




Genus Liguus

Montfort, 1810

The type of the genus: Liguus virgineus
(Linnaeus, 1767)

This is the only species of Liguus found on the island of Hispaniola, commonly called the "Virgin Liguus", it is avidly used by crafters in creation of shell art. The wholesale destruction of the forests and commercial overcollecting to supply the shell art trade will eventually be the demise of this mollusc.

The Liguus of South Florida and the Florida Keys

The Liguus of Cuba and Isle of Pines

The Liguus of Hispaniola

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